One Planet Living

One Planet Living

Sets simple targets, making it easy for people to live happy and healthy lives within the environmental limits of the planet. According to One Planet Living, the current consumption levels, the global population is consuming 50% more than the planet can replenish. Current European lifestyles requires three planets and North American lifestyles requires five planets (One Planet Living). It is not just about the environment, is about saving money and improving peoples lives. The ten principles of One Planet Living provides very clear targets for achieving One Planet lifestyles.

The Ten Principles

The ten One Planet principles provide a framework that allows us to examine the sustainability challenges we face and develop action plans to live and work within a fair share of the earth’s resources.

Zero carbon Zero carbon

Making buildings more energy efficient and delivering all energy with renewable technologies.

Zero waste Zero waste

Reducing waste, reusing where possible, and ultimately sending zero waste to landfill.

Sustainable transport Sustainable transport

Encouraging low carbon modes of transport to reduce emissions, reducing the need to travel.

Sustainable materials Sustainable materials

Using sustainable healthy products, with low embodied energy, sourced locally, made from renewable or waste resources.

Local and sustainable food Local and sustainable food

Choosing low impact, local, seasonal and organic diets and reducing food waste.

Sustainable water Sustainable water

Using water more efficiently in buildings and in the products we buy; tackling local flooding and water course pollution.

Land use and wildlife Land use and wildlife

Protecting and restoring biodiversity and natural habitats through appropriate land use and integration into the built environment.

Culture and community Culture and community

Reviving local identity and wisdom; supporting and participating in the arts.

Equity and local economy Equity and local economy

Creating bioregional economies that support fair employment, inclusive communities and international fair trade.

Health and happiness Health and happiness

Encouraging active, sociable, meaningful lives to promote good health and well being


Common International Targets

Greenhouse gases: 4.0 tonnes CO2 per person per year – by 2020. Contract and converge rapidly, aiming for a 0.8 tonnes per person by 2050

Ecological footprint: One Planet Communities will enable residents to achieve ecological footprints of 1.7gha as soon as possible and 1.25gha by 2050

Clean activities: One Planet Communities will avoid any damaging pollution to air, land or water as a result of their activities at construction or occupation stage.


Examples of One Planet Communities

Where it began: BedZED, London

Beddington Zero fossil Energy Development, or BedZED, is an eco-village in south London and the home of BioRegional. BedZED’s 100 homes, office space for around 100 workers and community facilities have been designed to make it easier for people to lead a high quality, desirable lifestyle. Energy efficient buildings, renewable energy, a car club and integrated recycling facilities make it easy for residents to reduce carbon emissions by half. BedZED-1

One Planet Communities - How it works

One Planet Communities – How it works

An Industrial park: Sonoma Mountain Village (SOMO), California

SOMO is a $1billion redevelopment of an 81 hectare ex-industrial site near San Francisco which has adopted all the One Planet principles. Over 1,000 jobs have been created and includes a business incubator for over 25 social and environmental start-up companies.

New City: Masdar, Abu Dhabi

Masdar City is one of the most ambitious sustainable development projects in the world. A One Planet Action Plan was written in partnership with BioRegional.

This is already under construction in Abu Dhabi and designed using traditional Arabic city design to cope with the extreme climate. This zero-carbon, zero-waste city for 50,000 people and up to 1,500 businesses will be powered completely by solar energy.

Source: Bioregional.Com

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