Sekisui Reuse System House

Sekisui has designed a home of which 70% can be reused. It’s business plan is based on providing environmentally friendly housed for safe and comfortable living. It’s core principles are the 3 Rs

 – Reduce – Reuse – Recycle –


They use a “Unit Construction Method”; a highly refined manufacturing method that enables short construction periods, with superior airtightness and heat insulation features. With the “environment”, “reliability”, and “comfort” in mind, high-performance housing to meet the changing times and the needs of our customers are their core business.

Screenshot 2014-11-03 19.08.18

Parts that can’t be reused are recycled. As a result, the market price of a new reuse home is 30-40% lower than an ordinary house. Due to the 20 year warranty and free maintenance and inspections periodically over the house’s life, there is also quality improvements to eliminate defects.

Sekisui Homes

Sekisui Reuse Homes (Japan)

Funnily enough, Sekisui Homes have expanded their operations to Australia. However, they do market the same services to the Australian consumer.


Source: Sekisui House , Sekisui

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