2 – 3 dried shiitake mushrooms

450 grams vegetables (suggestions: carrot, lotus root, sweet potato, daikon, leaf vegetable, baby turnips, edamame, and fresh shiitake)

2 teaspoons sugar – light brown

2 tsp sake

200 grams tofu – firm

3 cups dashi kombu

3-4 tablespoons soy sauce

1/2 teaspoon salt

1.5 tbsp Sesame oil

mitsuba optional garnish (or coriander)


1. Make the kombu dashi: soak 15cm of kombu in water. Leave it for 30 mins, then bring it to the boil, and remove the kombu.

2. Reconstitute the dried shiitake mushrooms by soaking it in water. Save the soaking liquid, squeezing out the excess water from the shiitakes and chop roughly.

2. Peel and chunk all the root vegetables roughly. Add the sesame oil to a pot and heat over high heat. Add the vegetables along with the brown sugar and stir-fry the vegetables until very fragrant (5-10 minutes). Add the shitake. After the oil has coated all the ingredients, add half the soy sauce to flavour the ingredients.

3. Deglaze the pot with the sake, allowing the alcohol to burn off, then add the dashi mixture (kombu dashi and shiitake dashi (excluding any sediment from shiitake dashi) and bring it to the boil with lid on. Add the tofu, salt and rest of the soy sauce to the pot, then simmer for 20 mins until all the vegetables are cooked.

4. Finally, crush the tofu by hand.

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